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Natural born from Italy, he start playing guitar as self-taught at 10. His major musical interests were always Jazz Fusion, Brazilian Music and Classical Music. Since 1990 is living in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Graduated in Italia by Siena Jazz in Harmony, Improvisation and Jazz Guitar. He studied with Joe Diorio and Mike Stern in 1985. He studied arranging and than graduated in composition at SIAE also in Italy. Finally he graduated in Music at Candido Mendes University in Brazil.

Professional life: Musician and music teacher. Former owner of the recording studio Trilho do Som in Rio de Janeiro, he creates soundtracks for theater, movies, jingles for radio, TV and multimedia. Musical maestro for several choirs and musical groups. Professor of harmony, improvisation, Jazz Guitar and Classical Guitar. Teacher at Udemy.com and Sapium.com.br


Workshops and workshows: He minister workshops and / or workshows about his innovative musical vision called "Free Fingers". A study that foregrounds the instinct as the basis of learning the art of improvisation.


Musician partners in Brazil: Adriano Giffoni, Alex Carvalho, Bruce Henry, Idriss Boudrioua, Bob Silva, Fernando Moraes, Claudio Nucci, Ricardo Costa, Andre Neiva, Wilson Meirelles, Victor Biglione, Mauro Senise, Ricardo Silveira.


Musician partners in Europe: Walter Paoli, Stefano Bollani, Fabio Morgera, Lello Pareti, Piero Borri, Paolo Andriolo, Marco Ponchiroli.



Long version:




Emilio Cantini was born in Naples in 1964. A child is dedicated to the study of Classical Guitar and Jazz Guitar with guitarist Roberto Murolo as one of its promoters.




At sixteen influenced by Flamengo guitarist Paco de Lucia begins to merge jazz and flamenco-style in a new very acoustic style. After a few years studying by himself, made a duet with Bruno Pedros - flamenco guitarist - and starts a tour throughout Italy. Their work, very well received by Italian critics introduced him to the theatrical environment where it has the opportunity to compose music for classical pieces and become a member of SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Editors).




In the early 80s, delves into studies of Jazz music with various Italian jazz artists as Franco D'Andrea, Bruno Tommaso and Tommaso Lama. In 1985, moved to Florence and almost completely transformed his musical style. Formed with German tenor saxophonist Mathias Schubert a duo that made a long tour in Italy. That same year became a member of the American saxophonist Ben Fajen group with Walter Paoli and Lello Pareti. The group - STREET RHYTHM - critically acclaimed in Italy, participate in many jazz festivals. It also studied with MIKE STERN and JOE DIORIO and then, with saxophonist Carlo Gatteschi, joined a Fusion group, the GEZZERO. The band very much influenced by Italian popular music, with quite original and innovative compositions, playied a fusion among rock, free-jazz and traditional Italian songs. The group, which includes the participation of the "Jazz-star" Stefano Bollani, performed several tours. Also won Jazz and Rock contests. In 1988, worked in a quartet with Italian trumpeter Fabio Morgera with which presented in a lot of jazz clubs of Florence, well received by critic and public. Later, this same quartet performed in squares and streets of the city, always well received by the public.




Since 1989 living in Brazil where he falled in love for local rhythms and the Bossa Nova. He formed a band - Cantini Geztrio - with which played in various places such as: Italian Consulate, Espaço Cultural Sergio Porto Afonso Arinos Theatre, La Cave de Paris, Common Place, Gávea Planetarium, Havana Café, Piccadilly Club, Botanic , Brazilian Equestrian Society, Centro Cultural Candido Mendes, Hipodromo Up, Canecão, Mistura Fina, Merci among others, with Adriano Giffoni, Marcelo Mariano, Idriss Boudrioua, Victor Biglione, Mauro Senise, Caio Marcio, Robertinho Silva, Ricardo Silveira, Zé Canuto, Bruce Henry, Milton Banana, Alex Carvalho and many others. With some of these, and production of Tom Capone, in 1992 he recorded his first solo album in which stands out as an instrumentalist and songwriter. In the CD, Brazilian rhythms make the fundamental role and create the foundation for musical moments of improvisation that has its roots in a fusion of all the musical styles that Cantini experienced.




In 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, opens its own recording studio (Trilho do Som), a pre-production audio-based on computer (Atari) recording. At that time, part of the creation, recording MIDI, and audio mixing board management could already be recorded on computers with the aid of samplers. At Trilho do Som, he recorded  bands such as Cidade Negra, O Rappa, Claudio Nucci and many many others.




Throughout his career he composed about 200 pieces ranging from classical music, music for big band, choral, pop / rock, jazz, jingles for radio and TV commercials, soundtracks for thatrical plays, tracks for multimedia, CD-ROMs, etc.. and production continues.




1984 - Associazione Siena Jazz: harmony, improvisation and guitar. 1987 - Diploma in arrangement and composition by Societa Italiana Authority ed Editori (SIAE). 1988 - Specialization with Joe Diorio, Tommaso Lama and Mike Stern. 2000 - School of Music Candido Mendes - Brazil (university degree).




Also led and composed music for several Big Bands, choirs and small orchestras of classical music. In Italy he composed and conducted music for theater for a small orchestra. In Brazil, wrote the arrangements and conducted a choir of 100 people to a religious organization Soka Gakkai based in São Paulo. In Rio in 1990 for two years led the Dangerous Music a Big Band of American jazz classic style. From 2001 until 2002 he was conductor of the Choir and Band Regent at University Estacio de Sa. Since 1999 Cantini is ministering and offering workshops and workshows throughout Brazil. The workshops are about his innovative musical vision called "Free Fingers": a theory that foregrounds the instinctivity as the basis of learning the art of improvisation.




He lived in Nova Friburgo since 200, where he leaded the formation of the new Cantini Geztrio and alternated his life as a teacher and showman between Friburgo and Rio de Janeiro. In January 2000 held a tournê in Italy. In January and February 2000 shows held in Europe. He was also a member of the Jazz Club of Nova Friburgo, a former professor of Functional Harmony at Campesina School of Music, professor of Harmony and Improvisation and guitar tutor at the San Remo Academy of Art. Also in Friburgo, has joined a jazz band, the Cantini, Henry & Costa Trio, curiously formed by an Italian guitarist (Cantini), American bassist (Bruce Henry) and Brazilian drummer (Ricardo Costa). He was one of the group members in Cantini & Nucci Duo with Claudio Nucci.




Returned to live in Rio de Janeiro since 2006, and worked at Delart dubbing film studio again with recording. Now is playing his instrument around the world and he is teaching his Creativity method at the M&C Academy of Music at Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro and  at Mais Que Musica Corp.

He has a Fingerstyle, a Blues, a BiaB, a Creativity course online for sale at Udemy.com, and many of his instrumental compositions are regularly played in Shopping Centers around Brazil, thanks to Music Delivery Corp. 




1993: Cantini Jeztrio. Independent, LP e CD.

1995: Soundtrack for CD-ROM Nas Asas da Panair.

1995: Soundtrack for CD-ROM Petropolis Cidade Imperial para a Prefeitura de Petropolis.

1996: Soundtrack for CD-ROM Miconic LX produced by Atlas/Schindler.

1996: Soundtrack de 3 CD-ROMs B2B for CSN.

1996: Soundtrack for CD-ROM B2B for Transbrasil e VASP.

1997: Soundtrack for CD-ROM Institucional for Jaakko Poyry.

1997: Soundtrack for CD-ROM for the V Congresso Brasileiro de Defesa do Meio Ambiente para EMBRAPA.

1997: Soundtrack for CD-ROM for the XXII Congresso Nacional de Milho e Sorgo para EMBRAPA.

1998: Soundtrack for CD-ROM for the XXVI Congresso Brasileiro de Ciencia do Solo para EMBRAPA.

1998: Soundtrack for CD-ROM SATHLA for EMBRAPA.

1998: Soundtrack for CD-ROM B2B for YAZIGI.

From 1993 to 2003 he worked on many (at least 50) recordings as a producer and / or performer.

2003: Complexiotica Hermetica vol.I Independent, CD.

2004: Complexiotica Hermetica vol.II Independent, CD.

2005 a 2008: Main chief at Cinema Dubbing Studio Delart. Many movies recorded.

2018: Cantini Jeztrio #2. Independent CD.

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